Standard Flood Hazard Determination

Seattle Specialty provides flood zone determinations. We will accommodate you, whether you are looking for basic or life of loan. If you are a lender making real estate secured loans, you are already receiving flood determinations on every loan you lend. Why not get it from the same place you can get your flood insurance?

Procuring a flood zone determination is as simple as typing an address. Just enter the address and our flood determination software does all the work-right from your desktop! Your determination returns the flood zone, community number, map panel, panel date, census tract, and all other pertinent information.

Seattle Specialty offers our clients a simple, straightforward, internet driven software application. Our system uses state of the art mapping technology from a leader in internet mapping solutions. Combine our technology with unsurpassed customer service and flood insurance policy underwriting expertise, and you cannot afford to choose any other flood zone determination company other than Seattle Specialty.

Seattle Specialty can customize a flood zone determination program to meet a lender's specific needs. Contact us for more details.

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Seattle Specialty is pleased to announce its partnership with OnePointCity, a division of Lender Processing Services (LPS). We are excited to offer our valued Seattle Specialty customers the expedited ordering, extensive reporting and competitive pricing available through One Point City's platform.

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