At last! A one-stop-shop for NFIP and Excess Flood, and an insurance management tool that’s both cost effective and convenient. We have combined innovative technology with our vast knowledge of flood insurance to present Floodplus, a full-service flood insurance company!

An Impeccable Solution for Flood Insurance Management

Your Challenge

As an agent and broker, you are well rounded in your knowledge of various insurance product lines, but may not have extensive knowledge of Flood Insurance. You spend countless hours generating quotes, making flood zone determinations and bookkeeping, wishing there were an easier way to manage Flood Insurance.

Our Solution

Fortunately, Seattle Specialty has you covered. As Flood Insurance Experts, we have done all the legwork to ensure that you look good. Floodplus combines flood insurance proficiency with cutting-edge technology and marries it into a time-saving solution for you! It makes insurance management simple and cost-effective.

Constantly Keeping Pace with a Changing Environment

Since we launched Floodplus in 2003, we have established a significant user base and continue to streamline features, making it one of the most effective ways to manage your flood insurance on the market!

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