Blanket Insurance

With our great service and endless options, you’ll be glad you chose Seattle Specialty for Blanket Venders Single Interest Insurance. You won’t regret it!

Seattle Specialty’s Blanket VSI Insurance

With Blanket Vendor Single Interest (VSI) Insurance, you’ll never again have to deal with delinquent borrower’s uninsured collateral. You’ll have peace of mind, knowing you’ll be protected in any every situation.

Why Seattle Specialty’s Blanket VSI

Easy Maintenance: This coverage requires no continuous monitoring of a borrower’s acceptable physical damage insurance.

Flexible Plans: We give you the option to structure your coverage on a monthly outstanding balance, per vehicle (item of collateral) basis, or flat annual premium basis.

Numerous Choices: Our blanket coverage insures any portion of your in-force portfolio. We offer a wide variety of limits, deductibles, billing and coverage options.

We also offer supplemental coverage and enhancements to our Blanket VSI Insurance.

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