Force Placed Flood Insurance

Natural disasters are unpredictable. Your insurance coverage shouldn’t be. Our Lender Placed Flood Insurance is customized to your specific needs, providing you utmost security and assurance.

Seattle Specialty’s Lender Placed Flood Insurance

Why It’s Important

Securing and maintaining flood insurance for properties located in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) is critical in protecting your property from uninsured losses and remaining in compliance. Failing to stay in compliance can be very costly. In fact, civil money penalties can cost you more than the actual exposure! Our Lender Placed Flood Insurance is designed to protect you from being out of compliance in the event your borrower has failed to maintain flood insurance.


  • Flood Insurance Deficient or Insufficient Protection
  • Automatic Coverage
  • Stand-alone Business Property Coverage
  • Condominium Unit Protection
  • Non-Participating and Suspended Community Coverage

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