Real Estate Owned Property Coverage

As a lender or investor, you should be protected when it comes to foreclosed properties. Let us bring you peace of mind with this important REO coverage plan.

Seattle Specialty’s REO Property Coverage

Our flexible Real Estate Owned (REO) Property coverage program provides lenders, servicers, trustees and investors like you with competitively priced, broad form insurance protection coverage. This applies to any portion of your portfolio, including owned properties, foreclosed properties, and properties in the process of foreclosure.

Why Seattle Specialty

  • Wide variety of limits, deductibles and coverage options.
  • Coverage may be written on either a stated value or total insurable value basis.
  • REO Property Insurance offers loss settlement options on either a replacement cost or actual cash value basis, with or without co-insurance penalties.
  • Coverage may be written on annual or monthly terms with various billing options.
  • Optional Coverage to REO Property and Liability Insurance Program.

Track Your REO Property with e-Trac

Our proprietary insurance tracking system, e-Trac, allows you to manage your REO Property with ease, allowing you to quickly add and remove properties! It simplifies billing and requires much less work than conventional programs!

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